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Your Community News

Your Community News:
We live in a tight community so please be thoughtful of your neighbors.  Whatever you do may affect them also.
All dogs must be leashed wherever outside of your home. (your Lanai or pool area is considered part of your home).
Clean up dog poop immediately
Barking-please control it as much as possible
Monday-trash, recycle & lawn trimmings cut to 4' and either bundled or containerized
Thursday-trash bins only
Large items and electronics-call 239-252-2380 to schedule pickup
Holiday trash collection varies-if unsure please call 239-252-2380
Bring emptied cans in promptly please
Trash cans may be put out after 6:00 p.m. for pickup the following day
Separate trash cans by 2-4 feet to allow truck tongs to grab them
Please respect neighbors and potential emergency issues
Please do not park on the grass at any time
Never park in cul-de-sac for more than a few hours and when absolutely necessary
Any unusual need to park in cul-de-sac requires that you or your guest place a notice on the dashboard stating to which house the car belongs.  If it needs to be moved for any reason, we will know where to find the owner. 
Most houses have four parking spaces; please utilize them. 
Garage doors are to be closed at all times except when:
Coming and going
Working in your garage or yard area
Contractors or servicemen requiring continual access
Please check our website regularly for information and updates:
http://www.Bougainvillas Condo Association.com
Best regards, your board of directors:
George Albertina, President, Sheila Greenspan, Vice-president,
Celeste Duplaa, Secretary​​​, Kandus Cage, Treasurer, Rosemary Wlodarczyk Darrow
We love our “Beautiful Bougainvillas” and realize how lucky all of us are to have found this special gem in the middle of wonderful Naples.
Meet YOUR Bougainvillas Board of Directors:
11-11-16 Revised