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Community News

Important Announcements
ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Our 2021 annual assessment invoices have been mailed so please be on the lookout for your payment coupon. The 2021 annual assessment is $265.11 for single family homes and $188.23 for Bougainvillas. If you do not receive your coupon, please contact Vesta to ensure we have your current address on file. Please be aware that if you do not get your invoice for any reason, this does not eliminate your obligation to pay your annual assessment. Any payments received after March 1, 2021 will be charged late fees!
RESIDENTS: Please DO NOT throw anything down our sewer drains in the streets! Whatever you throw down them ends up in our lakes. We have found dog waste bags in the lakes and most recently paint. Please respect the health of our community and our beautiful lakes. Thank You!
RESIDENTS: If you have any questions or concerns about one of our lakes please contact: Falconer Jones at 239-250-0660 or Mark Cunningham at 480-616-2102.


Your Board is interested in You.    The links or information below address our safety or well being.


As part of our Neighborhood Watch Program we post this important bulletin:
It has come to our attention that Identity Theft has occurred in the Area whereby residents place their outgoing mail in their mailboxes with the flag up and Identity Thieves come and take it utilizing the information and documents to cause Identity Theft.
We recommend that all residents go to the Post Office directly and drop off there outgoing mail in the future.
In addition, if you see any Non Postal Employee going into a neighbor's mailbox please call the sheriff's office immediately. 
Thank you!
Your Queens Park Board



THE LAKES ARE GETTING ATTENTION- Falconer Jones, committee chair, & Mark Cunningham, committee member & Board member, are working with our lake maintenance vendor Allstate to monitor the condition of our 3 beautiful lakes. Part of your yearly HOA fee goes toward keeping them healthy & beautiful and we are dedicated to improving these neighborhood treasures. We were hoping to begin the culvert repair project last season, but the water levels were too high to begin the project. We have the funds set aside and plan to do the repairs this season. Please be patient while we work to improve our lakes. We ask that you refrain from confronting the Allstate men on the lakes as they are making every effort to help us.

If you wish to report any problems with the lakes, contact Falconer Jones at 239-250-0660 or Mark Cunningham at 480-616-2102. Please refer to the section of the lake you are referring to as shown on this map:


12-15-2020  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
12-31-2020  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
01-18-2021  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
01-28-2021  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
02-11-2021  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
02-24-2021  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
03-16-2021  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
03-30-2021  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
04-07-2021  Click on Date for Allstate's Lake Report
Alligator Safety
Protect Yourself in Florida Waters
Population growth and the tourism industry have increased the frequency of human-alligator interactions in Florida. You can prevent unpleasant encounters by following our tips.
Facts & Safety Tips
·       Leave alligators alone. Alligators are shy animals that usually avoid human contact.
·       Pay attention. Keep an eye on your surroundings near fresh or brackish waters.
·       Avoid vegetation-filled areas of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.
·       Do not feed alligators, they will come to associate humans with food and lose their natural fear.
·       Throw fish scraps into trash cans only.
·       Never allow small children to play unattended near water.
·       Watch your pets. Dogs resemble natural prey & are in more danger from alligators than humans.
·       You are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by an alligator in Florida.
·       It is illegal to kill or harass alligators. Alligators may only be harvested under special licenses/permits.
·       If you see a nuisance alligator, please contact our Trapper Ray: 239-410-2408 or raythetrapper@gmail.com.



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