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The Queens Park Board of Directors has been working for over a year with our attorney on a comprehensive rewrite of our community governing documents. Our documents required this attention since they were last revised in 2004. In the period since, many regulations and statutes have been enacted and require, by law, clarification in our documents. In addition, our documents are silent in many areas which make it difficult for us to manage the community efficiently. It is vital for everyone to be aware of the changes and we invite your input and participation in the process. We have held one Town Hall meeting so far and received some incredibly valuable feedback from many of our homeowners regarding the proposed new documents. Based on your input, we will be revising the documents periodically which will be updated on this page. Your Queens Park Board of Directors is not in a rush to hold a vote until we have given ample time and opportunity for all our homeowners to provide feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to develop a new set of governing documents that a majority of our residents agree will enhance the quality of our neighborhood, increase our property values, and give all of us a framework to live in harmony together.
Click Here to view the proposed governing documents. Revisions were made on 7/19/22 based on recent Town Hall Meeting. The revisions are: 
8.2 Pets. The section on Pit Bulls not being allowed was put back in.
8.4 Signs, Flags and Banners. Added that 2 signs, flags and banners per political candidate are allowed. Added that First Responder flags are allowed and Up to two (2) national flags of other countries are allowed.
8.8 Motor Vehicles and Boats. Added golf carts to list of vehicles that must be kept in garage. Changed back to no car covers being allowed.
8.10 Landscaping: Provided a link to the Collier County Urban Landscaping Program.
8.12 General (D) Added in that rooftop antennas cannot exceed height in accordance with Collier County Ordinance. Attorney DeBoest is going to find the ordinance so we can reference it in our document.
8.21 Fireworks. Strike second sentence as this is contradictory to the rest of the paragraph.
Click Here to view the two sections that will be voted on separately. Revisions were made on 7/19/22 based on recent Town Hall Meeting, The revision made is: Removed the section on renters not being allowed to have pets.
Click Here to view the Exhibit E, List of Grandfathered Fences
Please check this page for information on future town hall meetings.
Important Announcements
July 2022 Mailing  Vesta Property Management recently sent all residents an important mailer.  The correspondence contained information about the proper trimming of trees during hurricane season in order to protect and you and your neighbor's homes.  It also included information about some upcoming town hall meetings regarding the proposed Queens Park Document revisions.  To view the document in it's entirety, click on the link at the start of this paragraph.
RESIDENTS: Please pick up your pet waste! Please DO NOT throw your waste bags down the sewer drains in the streets! Whatever you throw down them ends up in our lakes. Also, DO NOT throw waste bags in another person's trash can, take it home and throw it in your own trash receptacle! Please respect your neighbors, the health of our community and our beautiful lakes. Thank You!
Your Board is interested in You.    The links or information below address our safety or well being.


As part of our Neighborhood Watch Program we post this important bulletin:
It has come to our attention that Identity Theft has occurred in the Area whereby residents place their outgoing mail in their mailboxes with the flag up and Identity Thieves come and take it utilizing the information and documents to cause Identity Theft.
We recommend that all residents go to the Post Office directly and drop off there outgoing mail in the future.
In addition, if you see any Non Postal Employee going into a neighbor's mailbox please call the sheriff's office immediately. 
Thank you!
Your Queens Park Board


Alligator Safety

Protect Yourself in Florida Waters
Population growth and the tourism industry have increased the frequency of human-alligator interactions in Florida. You can prevent unpleasant encounters by following our tips.
Facts & Safety Tips
·       Leave alligators alone. Alligators are shy animals that usually avoid human contact.
·       Pay attention. Keep an eye on your surroundings near fresh or brackish waters.
·       Avoid vegetation-filled areas of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.
·       Do not feed alligators, they will come to associate humans with food and lose their natural fear.
·       Throw fish scraps into trash cans only.
·       Never allow small children to play unattended near water.
·       Watch your pets. Dogs resemble natural prey & are in more danger from alligators than humans.
·       You are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by an alligator in Florida.
·       It is illegal to kill or harass alligators. Alligators may only be harvested under special licenses/permits.
·       If you see a nuisance alligator, please contact our Trapper Ray: 239-410-2408 or



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