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Your Board is interested in You.    The links or information below address our safety or well being.


As part of our Neighborhood Watch Program we post this important bulletin:
It has come to our attention that Identity Theft has occurred in the Area whereby residents place their outgoing mail in their mailboxes with the flag up and Identity Thieves come and take it utilizing the information and documents to cause Identity Theft.
We recommend that all residents go to the Post Office directly and drop off there outgoing mail in the future.
In addition, if you see any Non Postal Employee going into a neighbor's mailbox please call the sheriff's office immediately. 
Thank you!
Your Queens Park Board



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The following isd from your Queens Park President covering the LASIP Canal and the Fence Barrier that was destroyed by Irma on September 9th 2017.

Some homeowners who live along the LASIP canal have speculated that the county would replace the fence that was blown down by Irma. We did a record request with the county and it’s clear that when the fence was approved by the County Commission it was stipulated that the fence became property of the homeowners who would be responsible for all repairs and replacement. In fact all homeowners were mailed a letter from the county at that time informing them of that. 
The Queens Park board has determined that if your fence was destroyed by the hurricane and you want to replace it, you can submit an ARB request but it must be identical fence to the one originally installed. This only applies to the LASIP canal fence  
Your President of Queens Park HOA
Troy Miller
The Original Executive Summary written on January 23, 2007 is below that covers the Original Installation.
                                                        EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Recommendation to approve Change Order No. 3 to Contract No. 07-4075 in the amount of $143,030 with Mitchell & Stark Construction Co. expending funds for construction of a private fence for properties in the Queens Park subdivision as part of Phase 1A of the Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project (LASIP), Project No. 511011.
OBJECTIVE: To receive Board approval of Change Order No. 3 to Contract No. 07-4075 in the amount of $143,030 allowing for construction of a fence in the Queens Park subdivision adjacent to and part of Phase 1A of the Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project.
CONSIDERATIONS:  On January 23, 2007 the Board of County Commissioners awarded Contract 07-4075 to Mitchell & Stark Construction Company, Inc. (Item 10G) for the construction of the Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project (LASIP) Phase 1A, in the amount of $2,459,003.  On February 27, 2007, during the Board of County Commissioners regular meeting, public comments were heard (Item 11A) from one (1) resident affected by the project in the Queens Park subdivision.  A request was made and approved to put a temporary hold on the project’s construction commencement and staff was directed to come back to the Board with a report addressing all project issues.  On March 13, 2007 staff presented the project to the Board during the regular meeting (Item 10D) and all issues were addressed.  Following the staff presentation three (3) public speakers, all residents of the Queens Park subdivision directly affected by the project, presented their issues to the Board and county staff.  During the discussion, staff recommended that if the affected Queens Park residents desire a fence between the newly constructed canal and their homes and can agree on the type of fence desired, staff would bring their request back to the Board as a recommendation for consideration and approval.   After some discussion, the Board approved that recommendation as well as endorsement of the project design and the construction schedule including construction commencement.
Staff has received documentation from the current president of the Queens Park Homeowners Association verifying that, during their May 2007 meeting, association Board of Directors approved installation of a fence by a four to one vote.  As well, the Board endorsed a specific type and size of fence.  Staff has also received a copy of a memo from a Queens Park resident stating that of the 30 affected residents, three (3) do not want a fence, two (2) are out of the country and could not be reached, one (1) is undecided, one (1) did not respond, and twenty-three (23) would like a fence. 
Staff requests the Board’s endorsement and approval of the fence installation with the following stipulations:        
The fence will be a 6 foot tall solid vinyl fence, brown in color as recommended by the Queens Park Homeowners Association.
The fence will be located at least 5 feet west of the west side of the canal maintenance access road, approximately 70 feet west of the easterly lot line, to allow for adequate swing clearance between canal maintenance equipment and any obstacles.
The fence shall be installed only on properties which the owners are requesting the fence.
The fence shall be the property of the lot owner and the lot owner shall have the responsibility for maintenance of the fence in perpetuity. 
The County reserves the right to remove fence if the location of the fence restricts the use of the existing drainage easements and/or maintenance of the canal.
The total change order amount is based on installation adjacent to all affected Queens Park residents.  Unit prices have been specified however so, in the event that fence is desired in specific locations only, installation and payment can proceed on a time and material basis.
The widths of the affected lots vary from sixty (60) to one hundred eighty (180) feet wide for a total distance of two thousand six hundred ninety (2,690) feet.  Included in this distance is a two hundred (200) foot wide undeveloped, platted park tract, Tract "A."  The average cost per linear foot is $53.17.  This cost also includes an allowance for sprinkler system adjustments at nine hundred fifty dollars ($950) per lot.  Not all lots will require this.
All of the above information was presented to the Board on June 26, 2007 during a regular meeting (Item 10B).  The item was continued to the next board meeting with staff directed to come back with an analysis of the cost comparison for installation of a chain link fence for the same location.  The proposed fence costs are attached.
FISCAL IMPACT:   Funds in the amount of $143,030 are available in the Stormwater Capital Fund (Fund 325).  Source of funds are Ad Valorem taxes.
GROWTH MANAGEMENT IMPACT:  The Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project is in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Drainage Sub-element of the Growth Management Plan.
RECOMMENDATION:  The Board of County Commissioners approve Change Order No. 3 to Contract No. 07-4075 in the amount of $143,030 with Mitchell & Stark Construction Co. and authorize the Chairman to execute same on behalf of the Board, expending funds for construction of a private fence for properties in the Queens Park subdivision as part of Phase 1A of the Lely Area Stormwater Improvement Project (LASIP), Project No. 511011 with the five (5) stipulations.
Prepared By: Jerry Kurtz, P.E., Principal Project Manager, Stormwater Department, Transportation Division
Attachments:   (1) Fence location exhibit; (2) Contractor’s Fence Change Order Bid Schedule; (3) Change Order Form; (4) Fence Request from HOA; (5) Cost Comparison


























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